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Contactweg 30-L

1014 AN Amsterdam

Tel 020 – 4111 756


Welcome to the website of Amsterdam-Inbouw, the specialist in the field of vehicle conversion and signalling devices.

Intelligent vehicle or van conversion will improve your business operations and create cost advantages. There are many possibilities to adapt your vehicle (or vehicle fleet) to your operations. We realize that there are many different cars and every driver has different wishes. We will work with you to create a solution that satisfies your needs for functionality, safety and efficiency.

Amsterdam-Inbouw’s specialist vehicle and van conversion team offer a complete service, ranging from initial design to complete build. Dealerships of  AlucaWhelenBeks and Edstrom make it possible to deliver high-end products.

Our no-nonsense approach enables us to provide affordable quality and we are proud to serve many satisfied customers, such as Pon, GVB (Amsterdam’s public transportation company), Air Traffic Control Schiphol and Ferno Norden (Norway).

Please do not hesitate to contact us for a furher introduction!


Photo: “Another 10 cars done in 10 days from the Flying Dutchmen Crew”. Work at client site in Norway.